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You might be wondering who in the world we are.  Great question, Hi! We’re The Local Element.  

We’re a real estate brokerage focused on you, your clients, and your community because we believe you, your clients, and your community are the real reason behind every real estate transaction – not how big the brokerage’s bottom line or brand can be.  

We center our real estate office around how we can help because believe by serving locally we can make a bigger impact in the real estate industry of the future.  

The Local Element Programs

What makes this brokerage model any different that the ones you’ve been at in the past?  Man, oh, man, you are full of great questions. 

Agents that join The Local Element sell 75% more in their first year here when compared with their previous 12 months in real estate.  We believe it’s because of our systems and our people focus.

 We’ve got:


Our training program has been written, tested, and adjusted to fit the needs of real estate agents in every step of their careers. From the very practical contract instruction, to managing clients, the latest in marketing, and even emotional awareness of being an Agent we have training to meet your needs.


Agents are given the opportunity to opt into a leads program to be introduced to prospective clients from our websites, ads, and socials. We are always testing out new avenues for leads and cannot wait to share these potential clients with you.


Our Local Offices hold weekly accountability groups to plan quarterly goals, weekly action items, and share what's happening and what's working well in their markets.


We believe in serving where we sell. Our Agents participate in a bi-monthly volunteer project with local non-profit housing providers as a way to impact our communities for good and connect with underserved programs where we sell.

Business Planning

Our Brokers meet with Agents once a year for annual business planning and quarterly if Agents want to walk through quarterly goal planning!

Client Systems

Our offices teach The R.E.A.L. Sales System ©️ follow up plan to stay top-of-mind and connect their clients to the community after the sale.

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