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Opening your own Brokerage is a big deal! You have a vision and are excited for what your real estate career can be but might be wondering how to make that happen.

We took decades of experience in the real estate industry to create a collaborative, locally-focused real estate brand with systems, support, training, and innovative marketing to take that goal from vision to reality.

In our first two years of operations we used proven systems to reach a Top 30 Brokerage status in our Board.  

We aren’t in this to be the biggest. With our boutique sized offices, we are running our real estate business to make the biggest impact where it matters most; for our Agents, Clients, and Communities.

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The Local Element Programs

What makes this brokerage model any different that the ones you’ve been at in the past?  Man, oh, man, you are full of great questions. 

Agents that join The Local Element sell 66% more in their first year here when compared with their previous 12 months in real estate.  

We believe it’s because of our systems and our people focus.

 We’ve got:


Our training program has been written, tested, and adjusted to fit the needs of real estate agents in every step of their careers. From the very practical contract instruction, to managing clients, the latest in marketing, and even emotional awareness of being an Agent we have training you will love to teach your people.


You will be able to give agents the opportunity to opt into a leads program where they will be introduced to prospective clients from our websites, ads, and socials. We are always testing out new avenues for leads and cannot wait to share these potential clients with your people.


We will provide the assets for you to hold weekly accountability groups to plan quarterly goals, weekly action items, and share what's happening and what's working well in your market.


We believe in serving where we sell. Our Your agents will be given the opportunity to participate in a bi-monthly volunteer project with local non-profit housing providers as a way to impact our communities for good and connect with underserved programs where we sell.

Business Planning

You will meet with your Agents once a year for annual business planning and quarterly if Agents want to walk through quarterly goal planning!

Client Systems

You will be able to offer a CRM system with built in automation and The R.E.A.L. Sales System ©️ follow up plan to stay top-of-mind and connect your agent's clients to the community after the sale.

We’ve Got Your Back!

Before, during and after your Brokerage opening, whether this is a new venture or you’re transitioning your current brokerage to The Local Element our crew has been through this process before (on both sides), knows what you’re going through, and is ready to guide you and your peeps through what’s next.

Not only that, our Home Office is ready to help.  Got a management question? We got you. Compliance issues? We got you. Accounting? No sweat. Having a junk day? Yep, we’ve been there too and are ready to listen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions?  Totally understandable given that you are considering opening or expanding your Brokerage.  Let’s talk about the a few of the questions we get the most.

Great Question, running a real estate office with The Local Element comes with a number of benefits, including access to established brand and reputation, proven systems and processes, marketing and office support, and a crew of peers to run alongside. This can help you establish your business more quickly and effectively than if you were starting from scratch as an independent broker.

The level of support you receive will depend on the specific of the company you choose. Generally, companies provide ongoing training and in areas such as marketing and advertising, technology and systems, operations, and customer service.

The Local Element Brokers will also be provided additional support, access to agent trainings for local learning, business planning and mentorship, as well as access to a network of other Brokers to for best practices and encouragement.

The timeline for opening a real estate office varies depending how fast both you and the company choose to move. You should plan on a few months to launch your real estate brokerage once the contracts have been signed, but that doesn’t mean you’re sitting around waiting for things to happen.  At The Local Element, we’ll be doing alongside each other to get you and your market ready for your office!

Most companies will have specific requirements for office location, including size, layout, and proximity to other businesses or high-traffic areas. At The Local Element we are proud of the flexibility you will have in choosing the specific location or non-location. It’ll be important during those first few months or year to make a S.M.A.R.T. plan for growth and impact in your community.

To find the right real estate brokerage, start by making a list of what’s important to you and then researching different companies online to see which ones fit the list. Request information from the companies you are researching and talk to other brokers in the real estate industry to get their perspective. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, meet with a company representative in person to assess the fit from both sides.

Many companies provide extensive training and support to managing brokers, including initial training on the systems and ongoing training in areas such as marketing, technology, and operations.

In addition to offering these training and launch guidance, The Local Element also offers coaching, business planning and peer accountability programs to help you grow your business.

Why-in-the-world Not!? 

We care about our communities, we care about our agent’s success, and we care about the impact we are making in the industry.

The Local Element is a call back to locally-focused service both inside and outside of our brokerage. 

More Information on

How We Hire

Reports To:

Managing Broker


Contractor, 1099

Position Description:

Identifying and guiding real estate clients through transactions with stellar service while positively promoting values of The Local Element Brokerage

Major Objectives:

Identifying Clients

Managing Relationships with Clients and Vendors

Managing Sales Transactions

Maintaining Sales CRM

Promote Mission and Core Values of The Local Element

Responsibilities of Position:

Work with existing and potential new clients to determine real estate needs

Monitor and manage pipeline of clients through CRM/Transaction Management Systems

Attend training to maintain real estate knowledge and license requirements

Maintain and intentionally grow sphere of influence

Conduct buyer and seller consultations

Maintain relationships with past clients

Suggest updates and new ideas to explore!

Hiring Criteria:

The Local Element connects people to their community with local-first real estate services.

The right candidate will have a healthy appreciation for the West Michigan region, be a self-starter who is excited about guiding clients through a transaction during life transitions (real estate sales often happen at life transition points), be willing and able to coordinate multiple parties towards a common goal with demonstrated problem solving and sales abilities.

Additionally, this candidate will possess an internal drive to achieve goals, enjoy working both independently and with others, and be willing to learn and innovate within the real estate industry.

Getting real – this role is a whole lotta of people work. Think group project from school in your very favorite subject but the teacher picked the groups. Were you the natural group leader? Did you have fun researching and working towards a common goal with others? Did you know how to work around team members that didn’t want to contribute and still find a way to be proud of the finished project? That’s what getting to the closing table feels like.

Important Notes: This position requires a State License and membership with our Local Board of Realtors. Candidate must currently have, be in the process of obtaining, or be willing to obtain a real estate salesperson license with the State of Michigan. This is a 1099-contractor, commission based position.

A Few of our Brokerage Tools:

Online and In-person training opportunities

Tech package to run your business from anywhere

Direct access, support, and business planning with the Broker

Marketing team and resources to help with your next project

Drop in and rentable desk space

Be sure to ask about our Realtor Dues program!

To Apply:

Please send your cover letter and resume to [email protected]. In the cover letter please describe a goal you enjoyed achieving (even if it’s personal), what the majors steps were to completing it, and why you chose that goal as an example.