Build & Maintain Your Professional Network

How to build and maintain professional relationships

Why is networking an essential aspect of a real estate agent’s career? Building and maintaining professional relationships will help grow your business, find new clientele, and stay up to date on trends. 

Tips for Building Professional Relationships:

  • Attend industry & local events: Conferences, workshops, focus groups, and continuing education courses are a great place to meet other Realtors and build connections. These events provide an opportunity to exchange ideas and information with fellow agents. 
  • Use social media: Social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, can be a great way to connect with other professionals and build relationships. Use these platforms to share updates, join groups, and participate in discussions. Learn more about using social media to build better relationships.

  • Offer value: Building professional relationships is not just about receiving, it’s also about giving. Look for ways to provide value to other professionals, such as sharing your expertise, making introductions, or offering assistance.

  • Volunteer: Giving back to your community can also mean meeting people with similar interests and values as yourself. Keep in mind, these individuals might not be directly related to the real estate industry but that doesn’t mean a strong relationship can’t develop from it.

Tips for Maintaining Professional Relationships:

  • Follow-up: After meeting someone at an event or through a referral, be sure to follow up with them. This could be as simple as sending a text, email or social media message thanking them for their time.
  • Stay in touch: Maintaining professional relationships requires ongoing effort. Stay in touch with your network by sending updates, reaching out to ask for advice or assistance, or inviting them to events or meetings. 
  • Holidays/Birthdays: Connecting with your network on special days shows that you are thinking of them and wish them the best. Be sure to note what holidays they celebrate and add their birthday to your calendar if you connect regularly.

Final Thoughts

By following these networking tips, real estate agents can build and maintain professional relationships that will help grow their business and help them stay informed on industry trends, the real estate market, and their community.

Social Media Tip

How to create interactive stories to get followers engaged 

Step 1) Search for listings in your community. You could even add various search criteria such as pricing, location, or other special elements. 

Step 2) Choose 5-10 of the best listings and save them as a list on your listing platform.

Step 3) Select the listing’s best photos!

Step 4) Find similarities among photos. For example, if there are two pretty kitchens or two unique bathrooms select those to compare.

Step 5) Create a graphic on Canva and input photos into frames.

Step 6) Share 3-5 of these this or that graphics to your Instagram or Facebook as a story series.

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